Kassius Denizen

Certified life coach & Image Consultant.

Kassius Denizen

Lifestyle Consultant + Stylist

Kassius (aka Mr. Kaizen), is a lifestyle consulting service designed to help men realize the best versions of themselves through three key areas Confidence, Behaviour and Style, the culmination of which can be displayed in the Mr.Kaizen custom suiting line.Our approach is in the in our method and philosophy built around elevating the individual style of life incrementally.

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What does Kaizen mean? It's a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal improvement.

Kassius Denizen is a business professional, certified life coach & Image Consultant. He has been an influencer in the Toronto scene since 2008.

He has applied his extensive experience in image consulting, social networking and luxury lifestyle into founding a unique boutique custom  lifestyle coaching service called Meet Mr. Kaizen.

This service assists men in their lives by building  confidence , changing negative habits and improving style.

Kassius's personal goal is assisting men in getting more out of their lives by fully engaging all aspects of themselves by showing up better prepared for life's daily experiences.

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