Christene Lewis is a motivational speaker and youth advocate. Hidden Truths, Broken Silence has been reviewed and compared to award-winning author Sister Souljahs The Coldest Winter Ever. Christene Lewis has worked in the human social services sector for over a decade. Christene Lewis speaks from experience; through early childhood molestation to gang culture. Some say Christene was the epitome of the girl who wasn't supposed to make it. Now an author and working through the Toronto District School Board as a Child and Youth Care Practitioner, Christene's emphasis and capacity building module is that, One's Impact Must Always Be Greater Than Their Intention. Christene's focus on youth is imperative for growth for the upcoming generation. She engages youth through hip hop and personal experiences. During her speaking engagements, Christene touches on gang culture, (What it is and how to get out) toxic relations amongst peers and or family. Christene will leave you empowered by reminding you about your self-worth and peace of mind by allowing you to recognize past traumas and deep-rooted issues. Rising from the blinded eye isn't just a metaphor but a key component when engaging youth and young adults. Whether it be jail, lack of self-esteem, being adopted, abuse and even parenthood, Christene will help you guide yourself back to your path of success through connection and growth.