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Author: Randell Adjei

Ontario’s first Poet Laureate, Scarborough native Randell Adjei, is a spoken word artist, speaker, arts practitioner and cultural curator.

He discovered his gift and love for poetry thanks to the support and inspiration from one of his Grade 8 teachers who introduced him to writing as a means for self-expression to deal with challenges he was facing. This unleashed his inner spirit and led him towards a path of personal enlightenment as a budding writer.

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ALL proceeds go to Entrepreneurship w. ABM

The Adventures of Mr. Money: Mr. Money Goes to the Bank

Author: Stephanie N. Clarke

Mr. Money heads to Banksville to deposit his weekly pay into his savings account. On his way to the bank, he is quickly distracted by all of the amazing items for sale in the shop windows. Although he had planned to go directly to the bank, he soon finds himself spending money all over town. With the help of a friend, can Mr. Money still find a way to save by the end of the day?

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