What types of businesses/professionals are eligible for listing? And how do i list my business on your website?

We showcase an array of different businesses/professionals on our site.

As long as you're a registered black owned business we will consider your application!

Please email: opportunities@allblkmarket.com to inquire about listing your business on All Blk Market.

Is there a fee for listing my business?

For more information about applicable fees/pricing please email info@allblkmarket.com!

I don't see an option to include photos/videos in the registration application form. How can I include this?

We're currently working on a new process to accept applications.

Please email: info@allblkmarket.com for more information on listing your business/profile on ABM.

Can I promote events or special offers through your website?

Absolutely! Click here to add an event to our calendar. All event submissions will be subject to ABM's approval prior to it being published.

How can I contact customer support if i have questions or need assistance?

Please email: info@allblkmarket.com.

If the support/assistance needed requires immediate attention, please include 'URGENT' in the subject line of the email and a representative will be in touch as soon as possible.

Do you have partnerships or collaborations with other organizations or platforms? Where can i apply to become a sponsor?

To partner or become a sponsor with ABM you can email: partnerships@allblkmarket.com OR fill out the contact form on our Partner page (Media>Partners)

How can I stay updated on news and updates related to your platform and the businesses listed on it?

You can stay updated by keeping an eye out on our Community Events and Blog pages!