Shay Myers

HLLQP License - Harmonized Life License Qualification Program

Shay Myers

Licensed Finance Professional

Shay dismantles the fear of finance by simplifying key financial concepts so people can understand how money really works.

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Shay Myers is a vibrant, patient, inclusive community connector. She holds an education in Business with over 10 years of teaching experience. Her diverse experience includes teaching and tutoring at George Brown College, teaching English and leading Conversation Classes at language schools all over Toronto and substitute teaching in the Northwest Territories. Shay has worked with people of various ages, races and academic backgrounds through her different jobs in the education, health, fitness and retail spaces. Entering the finance industry has allowed her to use her passion for teaching, her empathy and ability to connect seamlessly with others to create engaging, relatable environments where people can have fun while they learn. Most recently, Shay has partnered with local youth organizations, high schools, colleges and universities and community leaders to facilitate financial literacy workshops and collaborative events.

Finance For the Culture

Shay Myers created Finance for the Culture as an educational platform to bridge the gap between financial literacy and everyday Canadians in an accessible, digestible and fun way. She dismantles the fear of finance by simplifying key financial concepts so people can understand how money really works. Just 3 years ago, Shay had $200 to her name and a 476 credit score but when she learned the rules of the money game and applied them, her life changed. She saved $40,000 in 9 months and invested $25,000 by the end of that year. She became a licensed financial professional because she realized she could make real systemic change through financial education.


Shay helps clients create customized financial plans including budgeting, debt management, income protection and investment strategies. So far, she’s hosted over 125 workshops and helped clients pay off over $100,000 in debt. She’s been featured on TVO Today twice as a panelist and partners with organizations and schools to bring financial literacy workshops to the public. Finance doesn’t have to be stiff or overwhelming and Shay’s mission is to revolutionize the financial services industry by taking a holistic approach, building long-lasting relationships and helping people build financial confidence.

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