Cristal Hines

Bachelor's of Social Work (BSW) Masters of Social Work, Candidate (MSW, C) Critical Youth Work Certification (CYW)

Cristal Hines

Educator & Consultant

Cristal has over 7 years’ experience working with marginalized communities, particularly Black youth, women and families to support them in navigating various institutional barriers and systems.

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Cristal is a seasoned professional who is highly educated in the social work
sector. Cristal focuses on and routinely advocates for delivering more than
just a 'quick-fix' with her services. The three primary services Cristal offers
are Consulting; Leadership Development & Coaching; and Education through speaking engagements, workshops, and training. Cristal is quickly growing asa sought-after name in the area of equity to bridge the gap for large corporations and organizations regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion and how this looks in leadership management and company ethos.

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