Cristal Hines

Bachelor of Social Work Degree, Financial Literacy & Critical Youth Work (CERT)

Cristal Hines

Educator & Consultant

As a community organizer, consultant and equity educator Cristal effectively mobilize individuals and institutions with intersectional, anti-racism/racist and anti-oppressive training to effectively support transformative leadership practices, policies and frameworks that inform wrap around service delivery. Cristal has over 7 years’ experience working with marginalized communities, particularly Black youth, women and families to support them in navigating various institutional barriers and systems.

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As a social entrepreneur, leading organizational strategist, educator and community activist, Cristal Hines bridges the gap between vision and impact through holistic and equity-centric strategy for youth, individuals and organizations who are seeking to improve cultures and institutional practices. As an experienced consultant, Cristal provides innovative tools, tactics and resources like guided internal assessments, succession planning strategies, unique leadership and coaching development formulas and evidence-based programming to better optimize existing internal frameworks to enhance external structures.

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