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We are both of Caribbean descent and grew up learning about all the benefits of the natural products that our families grew up using back home. Our sea moss is 100% wildcrafted from the Caribbean, which we love, because we get to support back home and introduce this magic product to new people by selling locally.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of sea moss and how you can "moss up your life" by incorporating this product into your smoothies, protein shakes, teas, favorite recipes, even your hair and skin regimens then please follow us on social media. You can also email with any questions and/or concerns.

  • Premium Dried Sea Moss
  • Premium Dried Sea Moss

Premium Dried Sea Moss

$15.00 CAD

Sea Moss is a nutrient-dense algae that holds 90% of the minerals and vitamins our bodies need for proper function. It is firm in texture and ranges in color. Click here for more information on the difference between the gold and purple color Sea Moss.

Our premium Sea Moss is 100% wildcrafted, naturally harvested, and sun-dried in the Caribbean. It has been thoroughly cleaned by handpicking every branch and removing all debris, black ends, etc. prior to packaging. 

Please note: This product is dried and unprepared. As a wildcrafted product, slight variances in texture, color, taste, and appearance may occur.


Sea Moss has many benefits and is commonly used to create a gel that has a wide array of traditional uses.  Click here for easy-to-follow instructions on how to use this product to prepare your own Sea Moss Gel.

Please note: A little goes a long way. It is not necessary to prepare all of your Sea Moss at once. 2 ounces of Dried Sea Moss will make about 32 ounces of Sea Moss Gel. This product comes packaged in a resealable bag and has a shelf life of 1 year when stored in a cool and dark space. 


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