Infiniti x Ashley Candle Co

Infiniti x Ashley Candle Co. was birthed in René Ashley’s kitchen in June of 2020. What started out as a quarantine project, creative outlet and self-care activity received great feedback and with the help of her family, eventually grew into something bigger. The business launched in October of the same year.

After hours of research, trial & error, and learning the not-so-pretty truths about the ingredients & materials used in the big store brand candles , Infiniti x Ashley Candle Co. was started to help provide candle-lovers a much healthier alternative to scented candles without the harmful chemicals, toxins and other residues you might find in store brands most of us are familiar with. Our candles are made with natural soy wax, a blend of premium essential oils, both phthalate-free & paraben-free fragrance oils and eco-friendly wood wicks. All this packed into a reusable glass jar. Made with you in mind to provide you peace of mind.


$18.50 CAD

After the French word for ‘Sunday’. One of our favourite days of the week, our self care day... for reflecting, refreshing & recharging for the new week ahead.

This new signature scent custom blended by Infiniti x Ashley Candle Co. is one that gives you self-care Sunday feels. This candle is sure to awaken your senses with a combination of earthy & sweet. “Dimanche” is the perfect scent to accompany your “me time” or “moment of peace”. Whatever that looks like to you!


Scent Notes: Hint of sandalwood & sweet fruit & honey with heart notes of cocoa and vanilla.

Net Weight: 8oz

Burn time: +/- 40 hours

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